Juliana Manova


JULIANA NIKOLAEVA MANOVA was born on 4-th May 1983.


Now she is a student in 33-th Language High School in Sofia, where she is learning intensively English.


She has written a gamebook, which was published in 1996.


Many of her short stories was published in popular among the students newspapers and magazines. Two of them were broadcasted on the national radio and twice won the first prizes in a childrens radio contest for short stories.


In the beginning of 1998 one of her short stories won the special prize of the national childrens contest for literature "Petya Dubarova". In the same year her short story "The Age of Satan" won a silver medal in the International Childrens Contest "Shankar" in India. In 1999 Juliana won the first prize for short stories in the contest of "Intercosmos". In 2001 she won the prize of the national childrens contest for literature "Petya Dubarova" again.


She continues to write and is full of ideas.


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