Penka Bangova


Mrs. Penka Bangova, a short prose writer, lives in the city of Burgas. She is a manager of a company for accounting services. She has published some books with novels and stories as: "THE KEY" (1998) and "THE LAST DAYS OF AN EGOIST" (2002). A new book is to be published named "EASTER BELLS". Her works have been published in "Revue périodique sur la vie en Bulgarie" – France, as well as in some of the leading Bulgarian newspapers and editions, such as: "Bulgarian Writer" newspaper; "Pulse" newspapers, "Plamak" magazine; "Sea" almanac, etc. Her works had excited the readers of a lot of newspapers and magazines. They have also been broadcasted on various radio stations: radio – station Stara Zagora; radio – station Varna; the National Bulgarian Radio – broadcast "Hristo Botev". Here are also included the two largest Bulgarian virtual libraries "Liternet" and "Slovoto". She is the first winner of the literature prize "Master of short prose" established in 2003 by "The Bulgarian Social – Democratic Party" and publishing house "21st century" - Burgas.

Mrs. Penka Bangova shared with me, that by the stories she tells she aims to evoke and inflame a purifying fire in her readers’ souls. In my opinion she will soon reach that top.


Ivan Petkov




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