Georgi Savchev


Georgi Savchev was born on March 5 1984 in Sofia. He graduates the Aprilov National High-school (founded 1832), Literature and Journalism Department. Currently he is a student at the Journalism and Mass Communication faculty of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski majoring in Journalism.


He receives his first literary award "Golden Pegasus" in 1995. In 2000 he is granted the special prize in the literary contest "Handbook for Illusions". In the years 2002, 2003 and 2005 he is among the noted authors in the National Contest of Poetry "Veselin Hanchev". In 2003 he is the first prize winner in the national essay contest organized by one of the largest and most important publishing houses in Bulgaria- Anubis on the topic The Literature of the Next Day. In 2005 he wins the third-place prize of the poetical contest "Alterica" organized by the national association "Alter-native".


Some of his poems and works were published in the "Sega", "Literary newspaper", "Sofia University", and "SMS Poetry 2005" newspapers. They were also read over the Bulgarian National Radio and the TSR Radio. His essay When Your Song Touches the Creator was broadcasted in a special emission of the foreign language sections of TSR Radio, translated in more than 15 languages(English, French, German, Russian, Arabian, Greek, Croatian etc.) by the international editorial offices. Georgi Savchev is one of the first Bulgarian authors who published his works for the East

and Central Europe Poets and Writers Organization's virtual project "Local Minds".


In January 2006 his first book of poems kristina came out of print. ("EX-PRESS" Publishers, 2006, Editor: Boiko Lambovski, English translation: Boris Penchev).


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