Petya Dubarova


Petya DubarovaPetya Dubarova (April 25, 1962 - December 4, 1979) was a Bulgarian poet. She was born and lived in the seaside town of Burgas. Dubarova published poems in youth newspapers and magazines such as: Septemvriyche, Rodna Rech, and Mladezh (Youth).

Dubarova's poems have a style of certain frivolity, full of pastel colours and romanticism. Her poetry touches on many eternal subjects like love, the sea, the rain and the youth. Albeit her young age the poems show the language and outlook of a much more mature person, and she certainly was a talent prematurely gone from life.

Dubarova took her own life at the age of 17.


Selected works: "Az i Moreto" (The Sea and Me) (1980); "Lyastovitsa. Stihove i Razkazi" (Swallow. Poems and short stories) (1987)






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