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The Panagyurishte insurgents

Here we'll join battle soon, hear one hearts beating,

There is the enemy we shall be meeting,

Pluck up your courage now, worthy companions,

Pluck up no longer subservient vassals!


So with this blow let us crush the foe soundly,

Brothers, let's show him, let's prove to him proudly

That our vile fetters we've already broken

And not as slaves but as free men we've spoken.


Gaze on the banner here handsomely flying,

Look on this fearsome and free-running lion!

Lionlike show yourselves – furious, frightening,

Daunting the for as you join in the fighting!


Whom do the Turks now believe they are scaring?

Blows they are striking in frenzy despairing

Shall be defeated, their armies disabled

By truth and right, by our bright flashing sabres!


No sacrifices today are we grudging,

But we'll not die, brothers, simply for nothing, -

Out on the battlefield we shall be trying

As many foes as we can to leave dying!


If we should fall in this fight, dying nobly,

Why, in Bulgaria that very moment,

Other young stalwarts shall rise to replace us,

Stand in the line here and fight in our places!


Now let us die, as we died only recently,

So we may live, as we once lived, in freedom!

Courage, friends! God shall protect us and save us!

Death to the tyrants who've ruled us for ages!




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