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Alphabet Prayer

With this prayer I pray to God:

O God of all creation - Founder

Of the visible and invisible,

Send the Lord Living Spirit

To inspire in my heart a word

Which will be of benefit to all

Who live within Thy commandments.

For Thy lamp is the very lamp of life

And a light for the paths of the one

Who seeks the gospel word

And begs to receive Thy gifts.

For now the Slavic race is hurrying, too -

Everyone has converted to Christianity

Wanting to be called Thy people.

They heartily implore Thy mercy, God!

But give me now Thy expansive word

O Father, Son, and Most Holy Spirit

As I beseech Thee for help.

For I raise my hands to Thee always

To receive strenth from Thee and wisdom

For Thou givest strength to the worthy,

Healest every being.

Deliver me from the Pharaoh's malice

Grant me cherubic thought and intellect

O venerable, Most Holy Trinity.

Transform my sadness into joy

So I may begin to write with wisdom

Thy most marvelous wonders.

having received the strength of the Sixwinged

I walk now in their name and deed.

I shall make public the word of the Gospel

Giving praise to the Trinity in the Godhead

Which every generation sings -

Young and old - with their understanding.

A new tongue, giving praise always

To the Father, Son, and Most Holy Spirit:

To Whom be the honor and power and glory

From all creation and from all that breathes

Unto the Ages of Ages, Amen.



Translated by © Thomas Butler. All rights reserved!


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