A Dream

in Bulgarian

"Lori, aren't you asleep?
Lori, d' you hear?"
"Quiet, duck your head down! It could seem
they're scarce a foot away. You can't talk here."
"Lori, but it was such a lovely dream!..."

"How did it start?... Now, let me think...oh, yes...
The war is over... we are free
and plants and everything possess,
you understand, Lori?

I am at work. The selfsame plant of old,
the same machines I always knew,
but all a-glitter as pure gold,
and all full of some vigour new.

You're in the plant, Lori, and overseer,
and say: 'I want three hundred bolts today!'
'Well, right you are, Lori, that's fine, I'm here!'
and both of us are pleased and gay.

And outside the heavens are so bright!...
The air so pure! the space so blue!
And breathing is so light, so light!
You can't believe yourself it's you."

Lori gazed at the other's eyes
(what boyish hope did they express!)
and, smiling, said in mock surprise:
"You're such a dreamer, Fernandez!"

The stars grew dimmer in the east. The night
in panicky retreat
        disorderly drew back.
        A call to fight!
        Then started the attack...

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