Zdravka Evtimova


Zdravka Evtimova was born in 1959 in Pernik, Bulgaria. She is the author of 4 short story collections and 4 novels published in Bulgaria. Her short story collection "Bitter Sky" was published in the UK in 2003 by Skrev Press Publishing. 21 of her short stories have been published in the USA, 17 in the UK, two of them were broadcast by Radio BBC during the week dedicated to the East European fiction in 2003. 5 of her short stories have been published in Canada, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, in India, Russia, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and Macedonia.

She has won the short story competition of Lege Artis Foundation , Germany in 1999. Her short story "The Little Boy" was nominated for the best short story published in an on-line literary magazine in the USA and Canada in 2003. She won a series of literary fiction awards in Bulgaria including Chudomir, Anna Kamenova, the award for best Bulgarian contemporary novel of Razvitie Fund "Your Shadow was my Home", one of the short story awards of Trud Newspaper, Vek 21 newspaper etc, Gencho Stoev Literary Award for 2004, for a short story written by a Balkan author etc.

Zdravka Evtimova's novel "God of Traitors" was published as an e-book by Buck Publications, Dallas, Texas, USA in June 2004.

Zdravka Evtimova is the editor of the Bulgarian section of the M.A. G. literary magazine in San Diego, California, USA. She is fiction editor of the short stories by Bulgarian authors for Fiction of the Avant-garde, UK literary magazine, specialized in short fiction.


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