Stoyan Mihailovski


Ст. МихайловскиStoyan Mihailovski, author of the popular school hymn "Varvi narode vazrodeni" (March ahead, o revived people), was born in 1856 in the town of Elena. Descendant of an old family related to the Bulgarian Revival, he was nephew of the fighter for the independence of the Bulgarian Church Illarion Makariopolski. Stoyan Mihailovski graduated from the Sultan's French Lyceum ìGalata Sarayî in Istanbul and completed law studies in France. He worked as lawyer and judge in the towns of Svishtov and Rousse, as teacher of French at the prestigious Secondary School for Boys in Rousse (where he also wrote "Varvi narode vazrodeni"), and as professor of French at the School of Law and the School of History and Philology. He held position as Associate Professor of General Literary History with the School of Higher Education (today's Sofia University) and was elected Member of Parliament. He died in Sofia in 1927.

Stoyan Mihailovski has written numerous fables, epigrams, aphorisms, dramas, and sonnets. One of his most outstanding works is "A Book on Bulgarian People".


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