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Sharing the Spoils

We are brothers in spirit, you and I

Cherishing the same ideals,

And I believe there's nothing in this world

We'll have to regret, you and I.


Posterity will judge -

Did we good or did we evil,

But for now - hand in hand -

Let's move forward, our steps more sure!


Suffering and poverty in foreign land

Were our life companions,

But we shared them like brothers

And we'll share them again, we two...


We'll share choruses of rebuke, you and I

And suffer the mockery of fools -

We'll suffer - but we'll not groan

Beneath human torment of any kind.


And we'll not bow our heads

To passions and profane idols:

Our two mournful lyres

Have already told what's in our hearts.


So forward now, with spirit and ideals

To the final sharing of the spoils:

To fulfill our sacred pledge -

Toward death brother, let's go toward death!



Translated by © Thomas Butler. All rights reserved!


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