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Where is Bulgaria?

If men ask me where the sunrise

Warmed me first when I was small,

If men ask me where the land is

That I cherish most of all,


This will be my simple answer:

Where the mighty Danube flows,

Where the Black Sea brightly dances

In the East and stormy grows;


Where the Balkan raises nobly

To the sky its mountain chain,

Where the broad Maritsa slowly

Wanders through the Thracian plain;


Where the people suffer anguish

And in bondage pine today,

Who in one and the same language

Voice their sorrow, weep and pray.


I was born there! There my forebears

Now repose in holy ground,

There in times of peace and warfare

Did their thunderous fame resound.


And the country they ruled over

Touched Carpathian's rocky heights,

Even made Constantinople's

Ramparts quake before its might.


See the ruins of Preslava

And of Turnovo the Great;

And past glory of our fathers

These sad monuments relate!


Dear Bulgaria, land I cherish,

Land that brims with kindliness,

Land where I from birth was nourished,

My obeisance accept!


I revere and love your mountains,

River, forests, azure sky

And your suffering and sorrow,

Glorious antiquity,

Past remembrance, splendid morrow

Rid of all iniquity.


It's to you that all my troughs and

All my feelings ever fly.

I was in your bosom born and

There in freedom wish to die!


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